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805 Beach Winter Break Camps 2023-2024
-When do these camps start/end? There will be two separate camps, Week 1 camp starts Monday, December 18th and goes until Friday, December 22nd. Week 2 camp starts Tuesday, January 2nd and goes until Friday, January 5th.
-How many days of camp are there? Week 1 Camp (12/18-12/22) will consist of five days; Monday-Friday. Week 2 Camp (1/2-1/5) will consist of 4 days; Tuesday-Friday.
-What is the age range for this camp? This
camp is for participants ages 9 to 17 years old.
-What time does the camp start and end each day? Camp will start at 9am each day and end at 12pm.
-Who will be coaching? 805 Beach has select coaches who are high school/collegiate volleyball athletes as well as professional coaches who will be lead by Jordon Dyer.
-How much does it cost? $175 for SB city residents and $192 for non-residents.
-Is this the same as 805 Beach Volleyball Club's Winter Season? No, this will be geared towards recreational youth. This will be very similar to our popular Summer Camp.

-For any questions regarding 805 Beach Winter Break Camp, please look at the City's Park and Rec website or email:

To register for 805 Beach Winter Break Camp use the link below: 

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