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 What we Offer

We provide beach volleyball training in a safe and healthy learning environment for all ages! 

 Why AVP America

While training with 805 it provides you and the organization a level of safety and insurance. As a participant it involves a level of insurance if anything were to happen to you physically while training.  Also, AVP and subsidiary AVP America are the largest governing bodies for beach volleyball in the nation. What does this mean? You as an adult or juniors player can accrue points to help your standings in tournaments across the nation if you so choose to participate in them. Further more if it gives you eligibility to register for any AVP America event as well as offer players discounts with all affiliated sponsors and companies. 

Apply for AVP America here

 Juniors Beach club cost and Inclusions

Program Registration

Email for information on registration for 2021 Summer Season 


Email for pricing.


Every player will need to register with AVP America before they can begin practicing or participating in any 805 Beach Volleyball function. This registration will give each player full insurance coverage under the AVP America umbrella. The link is above. 

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